HandCrafted With Love

Love Nina Beauty Products began with me making products in my kitchen.

My children suffered from Eczema. I started researching to find more natural body care for me and my family. This search later emerged into a business venture. I stepped out on Faith and Love Nina Beauty Products was born! My product name was inspired by my daughter Nina. I formulated Brenell Butter to help with Nina's eczema. It worked wonders for others, but did not clear up her eczema. We found out Nina was allergic to nut oils. I formulated an eczema cream and soap bar that is nut oil free! That was the key to clearing up her eczema and others with a nut allergy. We named them "For Nina." We also craft hair care, facial and body care products.


"I used the Hair of Wool Cream with the oil and it made my hair so moisturized and soothe my scalp. The shampoo bar Portia created for me was awesome. Tremendous slippage and so moist. The coffee scrub removed all of the dead skin from my husband feet that had been there forever. Thank you!!"

Rosalind Jenkins


"I have been using the Hair Wool Cream specifically on my edges, and after daily use it has made a significant difference. Thanks Portia for the creation of Love Nina Beauty Products 'Hair Wool Cream'!"



"I am really enjoying the way these products have my hair feeling. I have enjoyed the soap bar, and the cream. Just started using the oil and I love the way it moisturizes my locs. I highly recommend this for anyone with thinning hair."

Cora Scott